Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marriage repeal not popular in NH

New Hampshire survey shows citizens don't want to repeal marriage. A PDF here)
There is strong opposition to a bill that would repeal same-sex marriage in New Hampshire – only 29% of New Hampshire adults support the repeal of the 2009 law that legalized same-sex marriage in New Hampshire ….“Strong opponents of repealing same-sex marriage outnumber strong proponents by a factor of 2 to 1,” said Andrew Smith, Director of the UNH Survey Center. “Politically, this is represents powerful resistance to changing the current law.”

As Joe Sudbay notes, We'll see who NH legislators listen to: their constituents or the homophobes.

But the "true believers" aren't interested in their constituents. It's why the Republicans in Congress are bringing up bills about the Healthcare plan and abortion, and cutting the budget, rather than doing anything about jobs. Yet employment is the primary issue for the constituents. The overwhelming majority of Americans just want Congress to do stuff that's useful, and to work together for the common good, to rein in Wall Street and the banks, and invest in our future. Instead, we get the tea party. Our representative democracy seems seriously, seriously broken.

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