Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Poll on marriage in California

Public Policy Polling has released a new poll on marriage in California.
When PPP last asked the question in September 2010, a 46% plurality was in support, but an almost equal 44% opposed these rights.

Democrats have remained remarkably stable, with two-thirds in support and a quarter opposed both then and now. The change has come among Republicans and independents. GOP voters have moved from 76-15 opposed to only 64-29, so their support for legal same-sex marriage rights has doubled in four months. Unaffiliated voters were, much like the electorate at large, only tepidly in support previously, at 47- 41, but have now moved to 51-35 in favor of gay marriage.

Both women and men have moved toward legalizing same-sex marriage by nine points on the margin. Women were already in support, 49-39, but now stand at 56-37. Men were against by a 43-50 margin last fall, but have moved barely in support, 45-43.


Paul said...

It is amazing to me how fast public opinion is moving on this issue. It was only 2004 when the gay scare was a major winner for the GOP.

Erp said...

However we also haven't had a recent scare campaign in California against (not since prop 8). When the measure next comes up to the ballot we need solid and fervent (in that they get out to the polls) in favor.

IT said...

You are right, Erp, and in an upcoming post I will discuss the new plans of the Roman Catholic church to attack our rights in California