Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Attacks on equality continue in Republican Iowa

From the Des Moines Register, the right wing continues its attack on our system of government.
County recorders would be prohibited from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples and the Iowa Supreme Court would be unable to rule on the issue under a new bill sponsored by six conservative House Republicans.

Review of laws by the Supreme Court is one of the fundamental pieces of Iowa’s checks and balances system....

It would make the lower courts ruling final and it would also set up the likelihood that Iowa would have pockets of the state were the law was recognized and others were it was thrown out.
Massie said his ambition behind the bill is to advocate Judeo Christian ethics as law.

“The Republic is ruled by law. Now the question is from what source do those laws come,” Massie said.

Massie continued: “Everything I do in this building I look at as: I swore an oath to a supreme creator to uphold his law. I know that’s something more of a lecture but I want you to know where I come from. Is this guy just another religious Bible-thumping nut or do I have some reasoning for my thoughts? Historically, I think I have some reasoning for my thoughts.”
All the legislative measures restricting same-sex marriage rights face unlikely futures. The senate is narrowly controlled by Democrats and Majority Leader Michael Gronstal of Council Bluffs has vowed to block any such bill.

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Jarred said...

Massie said his ambition behind the bill is to advocate Judeo Christian ethics as law.

So Massie's next bill will require all people making six digit or higher salaries to sell all their possessions and give the money to the poor? Or maybe a bill requiring credit card companies and banks to forgive all loans every seven years?

Oh wait, he's not interesting in legislating THOSE ethics, right?