Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Roman Catholics prepare new onslaught in California.

LGBT POV reports there was a private summit of California Catholic leaders about a new plan to "defend and promote marriage" in 2011.
The Catholic leaders are
"“concerned about efforts to redefine marriage to accommodate same-sex couples, but understand this is just a symptom of a much larger problem that is touching nearly every family. The fundamental understanding of love, human sexuality, marriage and family is insidiously being corrupted by popular culture, teachers, and indoctrination programs in schools every day. Marriage is breaking down with huge social consequence for the 41% of children who are born to unmarried mothers today and many other victims of divorce.”
And of course, it is all the fault of The Gay. Because LGBT people marry, women have out of wedlock children and divorce is rampant.

I really, really wish someone could explain link this to me. How does my marriage cause unwed childbearing?


Paul said...

There was a time when the conservative arguments about gays focused on promiscuity and one night stands. Gay sex was wrong because it was inherently promiscuous.

Now the debate has changed entirely, because we are talking about marriage. You would think that the opposition would notice, but they haven't.

We are not dealing with people who are interested in following a line of reasoning to its logical conclusion. We are dealing with fundamentally emotional arguments based on scapegoating and tribal identities. They know they are loosing, and that makes them even more desperate and incomprehensible. It's a shame. I remember when Roman Catholics were intellectually respectable, and could be counted on to make good, logical arguments.

JCF said...

Yeah, what gets you excommunicated from the RCC now isn't, say, getting caught diddling a minor.

It's getting caught w/ your marriage announcement in the newspaper.