Saturday, April 23, 2011

Iowa Republicans want to impeach the rest of their court

From Reuters:
Five Republican state legislators co-sponsored resolutions on Thursday to impeach four of the justices on the Iowa state supreme court but the measures are likely to stall this year, lawmakers said.
Iowa voters tossed three justices off the bench last November who joined the court's ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. But four other justices who were part of that unanimous ruling remain on the court.

Representative Tom Shaw said the articles of impeachment he helped draft accuse the four remaining justices of overstepping their authority....

House Democratic Leader Kevin McCarthy issued a statement on Thursday night calling on the Republican leaders in the House to "publicly condemn" the efforts of the five.
McCarthy said impeaching the justices is an "outrageous, extremist proposal."
Republicans: the party of ignorant hate and bigotry. really.

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JCF said...

Because it's a "High Crime & Misdemeanor" to DISAGREE w/ Iowa's ReThuglican Overlords doncha know?