Monday, April 18, 2011

Poll results

Here is a graph showing the visits to this blog in the last week (green is total pageloads, blue is unique visitors, and orange is returnees). We had a good week, blog-wise, with lots of visitors.

Alas, this was not really reflected in the numbers who participated in the poll. (Note the different scales on the Y axis in graphs one and two). Thus, it probably isn't a great sampling of who is reading the blog, with only 24 participants.

But I put together the results anyway.

Regarding the new blog design: about half of you like it and about half don't care. Only one person hates it.

How often do you visit? More than half of you read either daily or regularly, suggesting that it's the regulars who felt kindly enough to answer the poll.

About 2/3 come to the blog page, and the rest come through RSS feeds or readers. Curiously no one apparently reads on Facebook (it automatically posts to my facebook account). So perhaps I shouldn't bother to do that. Not surprisingly, people who read it via RSS feed were less likely to have an opinion on the new look than people coming to the blog itself. The person who hates the look is a feed reader, so it shouldn't bother them much.

Okay, that's what I have. I may put up other polls just for fun, but I'll make them very short.

If you have any thoughts about this one, let me know in the comments.

Methods: I used Google docs to set up the poll and spreadsheet, which I exported to iWork Numbers 09, my preferred data analysis program. Overall usage data come from Statcounter.


PseudoPiskie said...

I read whenever my blog roll says you have a new post. Not sure how that fits your poll.

IT said...

I think that counts as "regularly"

MadPriest said...

I read your blog every morning (except Saturday and Sunday) on my newsfeed. I click through to your blog if you have posted something that particularly interests me and I want to read the comments or quote you on my own blog.

IT said...

Ah, my faithful readers!

MadPriest said...

I don't know about "faithful." I could be very easily bought off, you know.

Paul said...

Off topic, but I am curious about your use of iWork Numbers. How does it compare to Excel? (We are getting my wife on a Mac sometime this summer. Yay!)

IT said...

I find Numbers much more intuitive than Excel. I HATE excel. Numbers is easy to start up but takes a little work to figure out more advanced options. But then, I've never figured some of those things out for Excel. I suspect it doesn't scale to very large data sets as well, but for all my work so far, I've found it much easier and I like the graphic values and customization possibilities for the graphs.

I also really like Pages. Which is now compatible with Endnote for those who do referenced writing. And Keynote is okay -- very good at what it does, but fewer "custom" drawing tools than Powerpoint.

Paul said...

Endnote supports not only Word and Pages, but Open Office as well. (My experience with Open Office was an unmitigated disaster, but I know some people swear by it.)

I am glad to hear that Numbers has better graphics. I hate Excel graphics. I switched to R for doing all my graphics a year ago. ( You may want to take a look if you don't mind a programmer type interface; there is a healthy biology community writing packages for R.

IT said...

Yes, I have lots of colleagues and students who use R. But for my simplistic purposes, Numbers satisfies. It's actually substantially more powerful than it looks at first, although you have to download the manual to really figure out how to use the features.