Friday, April 1, 2011

Republican presidential hopefuls nearly all oppose marriage equality

And several oppose all forms of recognition.

The country shows a narrow majority in favor of marriage equality. At worst, we're evenly split.

But apparently if you are a Republican, you have to be anti-gay.

Feeding the base, it's called.

Data here.

It seems appropriate to point this out on April Fool's Day.

Update EqualityMatters reports that this is viewed as a problem by some Republicans, as this kind of social issue is going to drive away the independent voters they rely on to win elections. GOOD.


Jarred said...

Why, whatever are you suggesting? That the leadership of the Republican party may be a bunch of fools? Unthinkable!

On a more personal note (if I can get personal), April Fool's Day also happens to be my coming out anniversary. Today makes it fifteen years. I've been blogging a bit about it for the past twenty four hours and hope to say more before the weekend is over.

IT said...

Congratulations, Jarred! It's so much better out in the light, isn't it?