Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Civil Unions in Illinois

Today, Civil Unions become legal in Illinois. Unlike California, you have to get a license and stand before a judge (none of this notarize-a-download-at-Kinko's-and mail-it-in crap.) Lakeesha Harris and Janean Watkins here were the first to get theirs. I know, I know, scary, aren't they? (From ThinkProgress).

Still, time the "antis" tell you it's about Marriage, the word, remember this.
Opponents of the Illinois civil unions law that takes effect this week want a referendum that allows people to vote on the measure.

The Chicago Tribune reports on demonstrations held in downtown Chicago on Friday between supporters and opponents of the new law, which would give same-sex couples in civil unions the same rights as married couples in the state.
It's not a surprise that the opposition is ratcheting up its rhetoric to be generally anti-gay. It's not about marriage. It's about US, simply being who we are.

Meanwhile, Congratulations! Some equality is better than none. But we will not rest till full equality is obtained. Those civil unions should be marriages. And Lakeesha and Janean should have all the 1400+ rights of a married couple.


Jarred said...

What a cute couple! I wish them the best.

And yeah, the antis are awful. I just recently posted an examination of a ONN column complaining about how it's awful that people like Don Lemon keep coming out (reframed as "telling us all about their sexual escapades" of course) and how "defenders of traditional morality" are the real persecuted group. Of course, all while referring to LGBT people and allies as "sexual anarchists."

JCF said...

Eek, they're terrifying!

But SRSLY: no, what was totally horrifying, was "Porno Pete" and the "Red-Caped Loons" (See Joe.My.God.) who were demonstrating against CUs a couple days ago.

We are winning though. Remember that. (Even if WAY too slowly)