Saturday, June 18, 2011

More from Archbishop Dolan

I've written elsewhere about the contrast between the Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York, the vehemently anti-gay Timothy Dolan, and the Episcopal Bishop of Long Island, the pro-marriage Larry Provenzano. As the battle over equality in New York continues, Abp Dolan speaks out some more, about Catholic efforts to carve out exemptions that let them use taxpayers' money to discrminate against those same tax payers.

He also makes it clear that he's not just against marriage. He's against any recognition of us and our relationships.
On Friday, Dolan described marriage equality advocates and their allies as “well-financed, well-oiled,” and he acknowledged that polls showing majority support cause the church “some concern.” Still, he said he believed the majority of "hardworking people" opposed the bill and that "there’s a good chance that this is not gonna pass this year.”

Although civil unions are not an option on the table for New York, Dolan also expressed opposition to them, saying, "Civil unions we worry about because we simply think it's a step toward the dumbing down of marriage.”

Dicker asked the archbishop about broader trends for Catholicism, prompting Dolan to mention Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“What a great guy,” the archbishop said, adding that Admiral Mullen had told him that 41% of the people in the armed services are Catholic.

Reminded by Dicker that the armed services under Mullen are moving toward more acceptance of gays and lesbian through the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, Dolan said, “I’m afraid they are too."
The institutional Catholic church is an implacable foe, even as individual Catholics remain strong supporters. So it's time, Catholics, to stop letting the Bishops use your money to attack us.


PseudoPiskie said...

Sounds like this.

JCF said...

So it's time, Catholics, to stop letting the Bishops use your money to attack us.

To paraphrase Edmund Burke (I think?) "All it takes for the triumph of evil, is for good people to keep giving to Roman bishops."

JCF said...


I tried to link to that article (the Psychology Today one) on Thinking Anglicans a couple of days ago (on a thread re "Family Firm" head Archbishop Phillip Jensen, and his latest homophobic blather), and for some reason my post never showed up. I'd hate to think that "Truth Hurts", but... O_o

IT said...

The article they are referring to was published in '96. I wrote about it last year in the context of George Rekers, here: