Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"We're not all like that": Dan Savage on liberal Christians

Dan Savage on the NALTs...(Not All Like That). "We need liberal progressive Christians to be as loud as Tony Perkins....Get into CNN's face for pretending that all Christians are anti-gay bigots."

"Stop whispering in my ear and start screaming in Tony Perkins' face."



MadPriest said...

I feel all affirmed.

colkoch said...

Me too mad priest. It seems the lonely voices in the wilderness are actually being heard and encouraged to shout louder.

Grandmère Mimi said...

How can I get on CNN?

Dan, I try.

Want Some Wood said...

While I'm not a fan of Dan Savage, and others have made this point before, I would say that I generally agree with him. Far-right religious voices have been given exclusive right to represent "religion" and Christianity for too long in the public sphere. That's not entirely the fault of mainstream and liberal Christians, but they are the ones who need to speak up about it the most.

(By the way, I was not able to watch the video due to technical problems on my end, so this comment is in reaction to the text included in the post.)

IT said...

I agree, @WSW, the liberal Christians need to be the ones to reclaim Christianity--and the media needs to realize that hte right wingers are actually a faction, not a majority.

Meanwhile, New York Roman Catholics approve of Gov Cuomo by a whopping 60%, yet more evidence that The Church (the institution) doesn't speak for the church (the people)