Monday, June 27, 2011

Why it matters: church denies funeral

This is not the first time the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego has reneged on a funeral for a gay man.
Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Little Italy has canceled a funeral mass scheduled this Thursday morning for openly gay businessman John Sanfilippo, owner of the SRO Lounge, a popular gay cocktail bar.....“The Sanfilippo family and Brian are, of course, devastated and are trying to get the mass in another church,” Murray Ramirez said.

When the parish priests found out about the gay relationship of Sanfilippo and Galvin, the priests said they were uncomfortable with Sanfilippo and Galvin’s relationship, according to Murray Ramirez, adding the church notified the family on Sunday that the Thursday funeral mass was canceled.
So, let's get this straight. First they said they would, then they said they wouldn't. They really hate us so much they won't even bury us.

Update they relented and decided to have the funeral at a different Catholic church.


James said...

The sick part of this is that if he were hetro living in sin with some chick, they would have welcomed his funeral with open arms and comforted the poor girlfriend. No wonder people are so turned off to the RC church and religion in general.

JCF said...

Despicable, but I believe the RCC has the every legal right to do this. [Did the family pay for any arrangements already? They may be entitled to compensation, if there are any sunk costs.]

"The Episcopal Church WELCOMES You!"

MadPriest said...

In the Old Testament the right of everybody to receive a "decent" burial is a moral absolute. Tobit is regarded as righteous by God because he buries the bodies of the dead when nobody else will. This core Jewish belief is strongly alluded to in Joseph's burial of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. The behaviour of the Roman Catholic church in this instance is not only sick it is also blasphemous.

IT said...

how many murderers and child molesters do you think get a good Catholic burial?

The last time this happened in2005 the Episcopal Cathedral stepped in. We'll see what happens now.

This is the same parish that preached a sermon of hate on the morning of our wedding in 2008. San Diego's former asst bishop Salvatore Cordileone was an architect of Prop8.