Saturday, July 16, 2011

NOM will protest NY marriages

When NY gay couples start to tie the knot, our friends at NOM will be there protesting. Always a class act, NOM. Right out of the the Phelps family guidebook.

From The Advocate:
When gay couples in New York start legally getting hitched July 24, the National Organization for Marriage plans to crash their weddings with a series of protests.

The group, which lobbied against passage of the marriage equality bill signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, announced the rallies Friday on its website. Protests are so far being planned in Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and New York City.

They are also going to try a Prop8 run at amending the NY state constitution to overturn equality.


JCF said...

Off-topic (re the execrable NOM), re this article (hat-tip, Susan Russell):

De La Rosa, who is gay, said he does not plan to wed [in NY] because the marriage would not be recognized in California, where he and his partner are residents.

Is that true? Weren't out-of-state/overseas SSMs accepted in California at some point? Which ones and when?

IT said...

Sort of. According to this, California recognizes out of state marriages but will not call them marriages. Basically out of state marriages that occurred AFTER Prop8 are treated like CA Domestic Partnerships.

IT said...

But if they married legally out of state BEFORE Prop8, they are called married (like me).


Want Some Wood said...

I'm kind of glad they're protesting; they'll look like angry, hateful thugs (which, of course, is also what Phelps' gang looks like, and is). This will further alienate people from their cause. It won't be much fun for the people at the weddings, though.