Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A graphical timeline of marriage equality in CA

There was yet another hearing today on the never ending subject of Prop8 (read more about it). Since it's hard to keep track of what's gone on, I thought I'd give you a cartoon version of the saga. Click for a larger view.


VeganJoyJoy said...

LoL I like the pictures xD The people with the rainbow colors on em' xD
I'm not 100% sure I know all the facts about gay marriage and what the courts are doing about it. But I do know that I support equal rights.
I heard about the civil unionship and apparently, correct me if I'm wrong, but there is a problem with that because people in a civil union don't have the same rights as people in marriages? Is that true? o.O Why don't they just give civil unions full rights in that case? Wouldn't that just solve the problem? You'll have to forgive me if I'm missing a piece of the puzzle, I support the gays and have a gay friend but I'm not entirely clear on everything that is going on :)

IT said...

Hi, VeganJoyJoy. Thanks for coming by.

There are several problems with civil unions. A big one is that separate is not equal, and never is. Imagine saying to your loved one: "Will you union me?" Do you dream of dancing at your daughter's "union"? It's not marriage. It's not treated as marriage, and it's not respected as marriage.

My wife and I held out for marriage. We don't have a second class love and refused to accept a second class status. We were married prior to prop8, and recently our marriage was recognized and blessed in church. We really aren't any different than a straight couple--married, paying taxes, raising kids.

More specifically, there are many examples of how unions are not treated equally. A number of these can be accessed from my blog/s resource page.

Even when civil unions "technically" are supposed to give you the same rights, they don't. Even in CA where literally the only difference is supposed to be the word marriage, "partnered" couples are denied their rights. (And it is widely believed that marital communication privilege does not exist for unions--or domestic partnerships as they are called here.) It's why New Jersey's court found that civil unions are NOT the same and demanded that the legislature provide true equality.

Civil unions generally do not have the same protections for children as marriage (a substantial percentage of LGBT couples are raising kids, either their own or adopted).

Civil unions vary from state to state (there is no common definition in those states that offer them) and have no meaning outside the US. They do not have any meaning in federal law either. No benefits, no pensions, no tax benefits, nothing.

Separate is never equal. As one of the witnesses for "the other side" admitted in court, we will be more true to American ideals when gay couples can also marry.

Thanks for your support!