Friday, August 12, 2011

Where we stand on equality

From Forbes:
The nationwide campaign to legalize same-sex marriage is the civil rights battle of the 21st century. Opponents are going to lose. So like trial lawyers who settle cases on the courthouse steps, they should abandon this wasteful fight.

Same-sex marriage is here to stay. Six states and Washington D.C. allow it. Another 13 states (see map, above) permit “domestic partnerships” or “civil unions” to provide gay couples with varying degrees of rights.

Yet under the current system, marrying does not put same-sex couples on equal financial footing. Whether they are concerned about health insurance, taxes, property ownership or being parents together, planning for a gay couple poses special challenges. ...

It’s not just the politicians who are holding us back. A more profound problem is the people who elected them. They range from religious zealots to folks who understand the civil rights issues but have admitted to me privately that they “have trouble getting used to the idea” of same-sex relationships....
Yes, but that rump end is getting vicious and unlikely to give way soon. And for many gay couples, 10 years is too long.

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