Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who are our opponents?

Great post from Chad Griffin,a founder of AFER (the folks who took on the Perry case)
Andy Pugno, ProtectMarriage’s top lawyer, served on the staff of California Senator Pete Knight (author of California’s original anti-equality ballot measure, Proposition 22). Just a few months ago, he sought to have Judge Vaughn Walker’s verdict in the Perry case set aside claiming that because Judge Walker was gay and in a relationship with a man during the trial, he was therefore incapable of impartiality. Interesting that Pugno made that claim after having lost in District Court, especially since he said during the trial that he would not make an issue of Judge Walker’s sexual orientation.

Pugno’s despicable tactics were given full-throated support from blogger Ed Whelan. Whelan, who famously compared Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan to a prostitute, argued that gay jurists should have to either recuse themselves from cases or disclose “intimate details of their personal lives.”

These people represent themselves as patriots, but rather than striving to form a more perfect union, they seek to tear our nation apart. They claim to be guided by principles that portend the courage of their convictions, but there is evidence that even those convictions are phony.
Griiffin and AFER are arguing that the tapes from the Prop8 case should be made public. People should SEE what the level of argument was from the opponents of marriage equality.
It’s time for the public to see the true lies and real identity of the Prop. 8 anti-marriage forces. Allowing everyone to see the videotapes of the Prop. 8 trial would be a good way to start.

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JCF said...

I remind you all that I just *narrowly* escaped having the despicable Pugno as my (California) Assemblyman this past November (I haven't heard that he's running again, but I'll let you know...)