Monday, September 19, 2011

BREAKING: Judge Ware rules that Prop8 tapes should be released.

Ostensibly terrified by violence, the PropH8 supporters managed to keep the recordings of the Prop8 trial under wraps. Never mind that everyone knew who their witnesses were, and that they are no strangers to YouTube. The difference is that they aren't generally cross-examined under oath--the PropH8 side didn't want their poor performance seen. Following a hearing that argued that the tapes should be part of the record, the District Court agrees.Ruling:
Upon review of the papers and after a hearing...the Court concludes that no compelling reasons exist for the continued sealing of the digital recording. Accordingly the Court GRANTS plaintiff's motion to unseal and ORDERS the clerk of the Court to place the digital recording in the publicly available record of this case.
Expect an immediate appeal by the PropH8 side.

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