Friday, September 9, 2011

Hate crimes: why it matters

There was an horrific crime in MIssissippi this summer. A group of drunk, white teenagers robbed a black man, beat him, and then ran him over while shouting racist slurs.

The victim, James Anderson, was also gay. Which does not appear to have played a part in this particular hate crime.

So why am I mentioning it? Mr Anderson's family has filed a wrongful death suit against the accused teenagers. But, as the NY Times tells us,
James Bradfield, Mr. Anderson’s partner of 17 years, is not a plaintiff. Under Mississippi law, same-sex partners have no claim in civil actions like this, Mr. Dees said.
Got that? Together 17 years, and thanks to a Mississippi hate law, legally invisible.

That's why it matters.

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JCF said...

Sigh. One HOPES the family will share any judgment/settlement w/ Mr Bradfield, but???

Merciful Lord, comfort your child James Bradfield. Repose for the soul of your child James Anderson.