Monday, September 26, 2011

NOM no longer about marriage, but about anti-gay hate

The National Organization for (straight) Marriage is an implacable foe of marriage equality. Up till now it has largely operated as a shadowy money-laundering machine for conservative Roman Catholic and Mormon donors.

 It is well known for its legal efforts to avoid compliance with campaign finance laws in many states--reasoning that opposition to marriage equality is deserving of special protections.

 But it's no longer about marriage equality. NOM is now attacking and demonizing gay people for being gay. The gloves are off.  Equality Matters actually reads NOM's website, and points us to many recent posts there that expose NOM's new strategy.  NOM now says Homosexuality Is “Immorality,” “Evil,” “Darkness Parading Around As Light”. There are many other examples  (also here). As Equality Matters notes,
NOM continues to claim that its “battle is not with an orientation” and that it works with “the love of God and our neighbor in our hearts.” Is this what NOM’s “love” looks like?
Well, I always knew they were hypocrites. As the numbers edge slowly into support for marriage equality nation wide, our foes will become more strident, more vicious, more angry, and more hate-filled. And that's what they are doing.

It therefore becomes even more important for us as a community to challenge the hate groups (NOM, FRC, FotF, ADF, etc etc) every time they lie.  too often their lies are reported by the media as facts. We need to take them on every time, so that it becomes clear that indeed, these people are no different from geocentrists or flat earthers, living a realm of fiction.

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