Sunday, September 11, 2011


The 9/11 terrorists did not limit who they killed. They attacked everyone. They didn't pick out the straight people or the women or the Christians. They attacked us all. The heros who responded weren't just one type of American either. And since this is an LGBT blog, in our mourning today, let's remember particularly our rainbow family members who perished. We know about Fr Mychal Judge, the gay priest who served with the NYFD and Mark Bingham, the gay businessman and rugby player who helped bring down United 93 before it could get to Washington. But what about David Charlebois, the copilot of AA-77 that hit the Pentagon. Or John Keohane, killed by debris in New York, whose partner of over 17 years committed suicide 6 months later--an uncounted victim. Of the 3000 vicitims, we would expect that more than 100 were likely gay or lesbian.

Remember, 10 years ago was before Lawrence v. Texas, the landmark Supreme Court Case of 2003 that decriminalized homosexuality. It was well before anyone thought they could marry their same sex partner. Many of the victims probably hid their sexuality. Their survivors may have felt they had to mourn in isolation. But they too were victims, and Americans.

Some sites of remembrance: Gay victims, and Tampa Bay Coalition and Gaylife. Also a reprise from The Advocate.

Art Speigelman's cover, from Counterlight's blog

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JCF said...

It's commendable that Kenneth Feinberg, the "Special Master" of 9-11 settlement payments, DID make payments to same-sex partners of the victims.