Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DOMA case moves forward

The San Jose Mercury News reports that the Golinski case will be heard in December.

This is the one where an employee of the 9th circuit tried to put her wife on her benefits, but was denied because of DOMA, even though the 9th circuit judges agreed with her. It is one of several cases on DOMA moving through the federal courts in different districts.

DOMA treats legally married couples, like me, differently depending on their gender. It is under assault not just in the judicial system, but also there is now movement legislatively towards repeal. That won't go anywhere, as the Republicans make anti-gay policies a plank in their platform, but it's a start.

Many legal observers think that DOMA is much more vulnerable at the Supreme Court level than Prop8. It's probably a better case to move up there. Golinski's might be just the one.

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