Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"ex-gay" leader admits change is not possible

From The New Civil Rights Movement:
John Smid, one of the most important leaders within the so-​called “ex-​gay” or “reparative therapy” movement — known as “pray away the gay” — finally admitted after 30 years, that conversion therapy is a crock, and that it is, indeed, impossible to change one’s sexual orientation. Smid, appearing on Chris Matthews’ “Hardball,” said, “there’s an intrinsic homosexuality that, I haven’t seen many people who have seen an orientation change.” Smid says, “predominantly, I’m attracted to men.”
But, as the right wing continues to deny science (including evolution and climate change), and because they fundamentally misunderstand science (no single "gay gene"! There's no "tall" gene either) they continue to make excuses and claim that we choose to be who we are. They never quite answer WHY we would choose to be gay, if we weren't oriented this way.Let alone, HOW. I mean, I find the idea of sleeping with men repulsive. So does this mean that straight women also find sleeping with men repulsive? Somehow I don't think so. I'm not lesbian because of abuse or unstable family or anything else. I'm lesbian like I'm right-handed, or have curly hair: I just AM.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

So does this mean that straight women also find sleeping with men repulsive?

Depends on the man.... ;-)

As to the rest, picture me rolling my eyes. He always knew he was gay--and he made himself and God-only-knows how many other people miserable because he refused to be honest. I'm not sure whether I think that is more pitiful or despicable...


JCF said...

I find the notion of "sleeping with" ANYONE WHO SNORES repulsive. Pee-pee in Hoo-hah, Pro or Con, is a different subject! ;-X