Friday, November 18, 2011

The long road to equality

From the NY Times, an op-ed:
Behind these numbers is a remarkable generational divide. Some 70 percent of Americans between 18 and 34 support marriage equality, up from 54 percent in 2010, according to Gallup. Support among people aged 35 to 54 is 53 percent, falling to 39 percent for those 55 and older. This widening gap between public opinion and discriminatory laws means anti-gay forces will have a harder and harder time selling their views.

A repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and changes in state laws could lead to expanded rights for gay couples in more states. But revoking those state constitutional bans would take years, if not decades. Until then, rank discrimination under law will persist.

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JCF said...

Of course IF

1) the AFER case wins (overturning the California Ban), then it would seem ALL the state bans would fall (pretty quickly)

Failing that,

2) As more States individually permit SSM (esp if DOMA falls, one way or another), at that point *economic pressure* on the banning States would predictably rise significantly.