Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mitt Romney meets a gay vet in New Hampshire...

Mitt Romney who once claimed he would be "better than Teddy Kennedy" on gay rights, is now firmly in the anti-gay camp. He opposes open service, marriage equality, etc etc. So what happened when he went to a campaign stop in New Hampshire and met a vet? Seems the conversation turned to marriage:

As the Boston Globe reports,
With that, it started to become clear that a routine campaign conversation could become hostile. Though Romney had no reason to know it, Garon – a 63-year-old from Epsom, N.H. -- was sitting at the table with his husband.

Garon challenged Romney, saying, “If two men get married, apparently a veteran’s spouse would not be entitled to any burial benefits or medical benefits or anything that the serviceman has devoted his time and effort to his country, and you just don’t support equality in terms of same-sex marriage?”

Romney reiterated his support for the Defense of Marriage Act, and added, “And we apparently disagree.”

“It’s good to know how you feel,” Garon said. “That you do not believe that everyone is entitled to their constitutional rights.”
Yeah, because even old vets in flannel can be gay, Governor Romney.

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