Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why DOMA discourages marriage

From New York:
After the euphoria of attaining same-sex marriage in New York, gay and lesbian couples—and the companies that employ them—are now confronting mundane but maddening red tape because the federal government doesn’t recognize their unions.

Wrestling with complications from income tax returns to health insurance plans to estate tax planning, businesses have sought outside help from consultants and training courses to learn how to comply with contradictory state and federal laws for their gay and lesbian employees who marry.
DOMA is punitive and unfair. There are now multiple cases in different federal districts challenging Clause 3, the part that forbids federal recognition of legally married lesbian and gay couples. Of course, the dysfunctional Congress won't do anything about repeal, because of the hyper-partisan anti-gay Republicans. Some day.... maybe...

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