Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Marriage in New Jersey?

New Jersey has civil unions, but the courts there have determined that civil unions are not treated equally to marriage.  Remarkably, the New Jersey Democrats in the legislature have made marriage equality a top legislative priority.  The challenge will be the Republican governor, who is (of course) opposed:

The support from [Senate President] Sweeney marks a significant new advantage for the legislation, according to advocates. He declined to vote on the measure in 2010 when it failed by a 20-14, and has since called his abstention the biggest regret of his political career. Then governor Jon Corzine had promised to sign the bill if it reached his desk. 
“This is about doing what’s right and ensuring full equal and civil rights for all New Jerseyans,” said Sweeney. “Two years ago, I made a mistake in abstaining on marriage equality — a mistake that means same-sex couples continue to be denied the very basic civil right to live their lives as they wish. But today isn’t about me correcting my mistake, it’s about correcting a mistake for thousands of loving couples across the state who want nothing more than to be treated equally as their neighbors.”
So, an interesting year in equality.  Maryland and Washington are also pushing legislatively for marriage, while Minnesota and North Carolina are threatening constitutional amendments against.


Paul (A.) said...

An op-ed piece in the Newark Star-Ledger suggested that a state constitutional amendment might have a better chance if Governor Christie vetoes this legislation.

On the other hand, the local talk-radio station suggested that Christie might well just sit on the bill for 45 days, in which case it becomes law in New Jersey without his signature. He could say that he didn't sign it into law (thus appeasing the conservatives) and that he didn't veto it (appeasing the progressives).

JCF said...

He could say that he didn't sign it into law (thus appeasing the conservatives)

I know things are changing fast, but would that play in 2016 w/ a GOP Presidential primary electorate? I don't think so. Hate to say it, but I think he'll veto it.