Monday, March 26, 2012

Support the freedom to marry in NC!

In North Carolina, a proposed amendment to be voted on in May, would not only outlaw marriage equality (already illegal by statute) but eliminate civil unions and domestic partnerships for seniors, as well as protection for unmarried straight couples with kids.

Amendment One needs to be opposed robustly.  The first thing is to support the Protect All NC families coalition.  There is a strategy to win (described by Scott Wooledge at DK, here) and winning is possible because of the Draconian nature of this amendment.

Pam's House Blend is leading the charge in the blogosphere.

Polls look challenging but there is robust opposition including from people of faith.  There is strong representation from marriage-supportive groups including Episcopal Bishops.

Learn more about NC and donate here!

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Wormwood's Doxy said...

Thanks for the shout-out, IT.
We need all the help we can get...

Polls show that a solid majority of North Carolinians oppose this ridiculous and draconian amendment--but the Republicans who drafted it were not stupid (evil, but not stupid). They set the date for the vote on the same day as the Republican primary, rather than the general election in November. Their bigoted base will probably turn out in force--so the important thing will be to get people who oppose this to the polls for an election they would probably normally ignore.

I have hopes we can do it--but it will take an all-out effort, and help from all quarters.

FWIW, I attended an event on Saturday in the small town I live in half-time, and I was heartened by what I saw. The people in the information tent were--all of them--older people...a demographic one doesn't tend to associate with anti-LGBT efforts.

So sound the alarms and I will second the appeal to your readers. We are the only state in the Southeast without an anti-LGBT constitutional amendment. Please do what you can to help us stop this one.

Thank you!