Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why is support increasing so fast?

We've had a tremendous 2012 so far: the appeal against Prop8 in federal court going for us, another federal court finding (again) that DOMA is unconstitutional, marriage equality moving ahead in several additional states. The road is long but the direction is in our favor.

 This interesting article argues that Prop8 actually helped us, by energizing the movement and a new generation of activists.
“The fact that the timing happened on the very night that Barack Obama, a very progressive candidate and leader in our country, was elected, (it) really shook up the progressive movement in the country,” said Young.

“Without the court battles that have been going on for the last three years, I’m not really sure that the state of Washington or New York or Washington D.C… would have moved as quickly if it hadn’t been for this national dialogue that got started with Proposition 8,” he said.
Additionally, the real lives of LGBT people are more accurately portrayed in the media.
“It’s a combination of both, more portrayals, but also more accurate portrayals,” said Robinson. “I don’t think anything’s more accurate than ‘Modern Family.’” 
“It’s just two average-looking guys, not looking like models, not prissy queens either, who have a kid and it’s just everyday life, and the only difference between them and another couple is they happen to be two guys.”  
And let's not forget that more and more of us are coming out.  That makes a difference.  Polls show that people are more likely to support equality if they know LGBT people.

We will win.  The only question is when.

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