Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DOMA on trial

Today, there is an appeal in the 1st circuit federal court about DOMA. This follows up on the Gill.... case where legally married lesbians and gays in MA claim it is unconstitutional to deny them benefits that are given to their fellow MA citizens. The original district court agreed. Now, it's up at the 1st circuit, where the DoJ is arguing against DOMA and your tax dollars via Speaker John Boehner are paying to support DOMA. Incidentally, here's a nice little irony: Paul Clement, the lawyer arguing that DOMA is a perfectly legitimate intrusion of the federal government into a state's right to determine who is or isn't legally married, is the same attorney who argued that the Affordable Care Act is an unreasonable intrusion of the federal government into states' rights. Complete background from the estimable Poliglot here.

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