Monday, May 7, 2012

Rise up against Amendent One (video)

This amendment will bar any gay couple from having any rights, any unmarried straight couple from having any protections. It's a hate amendment through and through, driven by Christianist extremists and gay-obsessed conservatives.

North carolina, you're better than this.

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JCF said...

Confession: for the sake of Amendment One, I sorry this is being voted on in May (not general election).

But for the sake of Obama winning NC, I'm glad Amendment One isn't on the ballot in November.

If it passes, I won't be surprised. At the same time, I'm much encouraged re Washington State (less than a third signatures needed to place ballot measure to repeal), and think there's a decent chance Maine will repeal its SSM *ban*.

I.e., if NC is the "one step back", then perhaps the other two will be the two steps forward!