Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hypocrites Hall of Fame

Do you ever wonder why it's always Republicans who get caught in gay sex scandals?  It's the pernicious effect of the closet.  There's a need in some gay men to validate their choice to remain in the closet, and use it as a sniper's nest against those of us who live honestly.   And, since many of them only have sordid and anonymous sex, rather than real relationships, they assume that's all any of us have.

Salon has a great slideshow of a number of Republican snipers who worked in the past, or are working against LGBT rights.

Here's a great quote, from Barney Frank about CA representative David Dreier, who is widely assumed to be gay.
When Barney Frank was asked if Dreier was not elected House majority leader because he was too “moderate,” Frank replied: “Yes, in the sense that I marched in the moderate pride parade last summer and went to a moderate bar.”

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JCF said...

And Republicans in Florida turned on moderate Gov Charlie Crist (well, he really IS more moderate than Marco Rubio, but you get my drift!)