Saturday, June 9, 2012

Voices of Faith Speak Out: Mormons marching

A loosely organized group of Mormons called Mormons Building Bridges are marching in Pride parades this summer, in church clothes, to express their support for LGBT people.

In an interview in Religion Dispatches, Mormon Spencer Clark explains
I’m marching because I want to make a statement to [the] LGBT community and my friends that I support and accept them and I believe they should have the same rights as I do. And I want to demonstrate as well that Mormons are willing to stand up for fairness. We are not foes. And we’re not a monolith. Mormons have all sorts of different views about LGBT issues....

It comes down to the fact that I recognize and appreciate that we live in a pluralistic society. I don’t believe it’s right to legislate our morality based on our beliefs. I wouldn’t want some other religion to do that to me. There is no compelling state interest in denying marriage to gays and lesbians. I know the blessings marriage and family has brought me, and I don’t enjoy knowing that there are many people who don’t have that opportunity.... 
Now, faithful Mormons are banding together to share a powerful message, and we hope that other Mormons who may have been previously afraid to show their support for civil marriage equality will see us and feel emboldened to "come out of the closet". That pioneer spirit is still in our blood, and it's sorely needed here and now on one of the most critical civil rights issues of our time. So like pioneers, we walk. I will be walking with my wife and two kids. In church clothes. I’ll be wearing a white shirt. And a pink tie.
Well done!  There's a coalition called Mormon Pride organizing their participation in multiple events this summer.  I look forward to seeing the Mormon supporters marching in San Diego's gay pride parade on July 21st. ( I'll be there as part of one of the biggest contingents:  Saint Paul's Episcopal Cathedral.   We'll be the one in the purple shirts.)


JCF said...

While these efforts are nice, I really need to hear that they will NOT give $ to the LDS *until* they stop funding campaigns to keep me a second-class citizen. Money -> mouth is.

[I say the same thing to LGBT-affirming, but church-going, RCs.]

"First, Do No Harm": is that too much to ask? Then---THEN!---when harm is not done, Pride love-ins are welcome.

IT said...

Okay, I get that JCF. But I will start with the support.

A few weeks ago BP and I were traveling in a group situation and (as one often does) had to "come out" to nice people who really don't think much about LGBT rights.

And what this did was make at least one couple grapple with the current state of affairs and how their political decisions affected this very normal, unthreatening pair of 50-yr old lesbians.

So, will they vote differently? I hope so, but what I really find heartening is several weeks later , hearing from them that they are pleased by the news on DOMA. I don't think tehey' have paid attention 2 months ago.

The mormons in San Diego are going to carry pro-marriage signs. They are going to advocate for us. I'll take that. A step at a time.

JCF said...

Love your story, IT.