Friday, July 6, 2012

Slow move towards acceptance in Iowa

Iowa is the furthest-west state with marriage equality. The other side got their revenge by recalling several Iowa Supreme Court judges.  And, they've been anxious to regain control of the statehouse so that they can put an end to marriages between same sex couples.  But a funny thing happened.  The world did not end, the sky did not fall, and Iowans are really not that interested in reversing the law.

From ABC:
Conservative lawmakers are watching public opinion move away from them on the gay marriage issue, and now fear that voters might not approve a ban even if the GOP can put one on the ballot by winning control of the Legislature in the November elections. 
The shifting views come as a bitter disappointment for the state's prominent Christian conservative community which has long bridled at Iowa's status as a gay rights haven in the heartland — the only place outside the Northeast where gays can marry. 
....Iowa gay rights advocates say they are encouraged by the fact that a ballot measure would come no earlier than 2015, considering it must pass both houses of the Legislature in consecutive two-year general assemblies.

Now is not the time for complacency.  We want to ensure that the Republicans can't get enough seats to try.  But it's encouraging nonetheless, and more evidence that people's views shift with familiarity.

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