Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Voices of Faith Speak Out: Marriage is a God Thing

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Voices of Faith
R. SCOTT COLGLAZIER is senior minister of the historical First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. From The Advocate:
As a clergy person, it has never made sense to me that gays and lesbians are criticized from the Religious Right because of their desire to marry, when in fact, the desire to marry reflects one of the highest moral commitments traditionally admired in the church. I’ve had the privilege of performing marriage ceremonies for hundreds of couples throughout my ministry, and in each case, these couples sought marriage because they desired to take their relationship to a new level of fidelity. Surely this is a good thing. And if I understand anything about the theology of marriage, it is also a God thing. .....

The day will surely come for our country (and faith communities) when this issue will seem as senseless as old debates about interracial marriage, children of mixed racial heritage, or worse, if people of color actually have a soul. (Yes, this was a real theological debate during the days of American slavery.) I predict that state legislatures will eventually see the light of this human rights issue, and when that day arrives, there will be open-hearted, open-minded clergy ready to perform marriage ceremonies for all God’s children. And in my opinion, that will be a good day for America and a good day for churches all around this country.

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