Thursday, August 23, 2012

Christians cannot claim persecution

Religious persecution is when you're prevented from exercising your beliefs - not when you're prevented from imposing your beliefs."   The Rev. Susan Russell.

From the HuffPo;
[I]t is reprehensible how many American Christians have recently claimed that they too are being "persecuted." Not for proclaiming a faith in Jesus Christ, but for supporting causes and issues that Jesus never said a word on. Specifically, some Christians are claiming that their religious freedom is being infringed, and they're facing persecution, because they aren't able to vocally support oppression toward homosexuals without facing opposition.

Not opposition from the government -- no one is threatening to remove the tax exemption of every church who urges it's congregation to vote against gay marriage -- but opposition from "the world." ....

These are the same Christians who, led by Mike Huckabee, flocked in droves to Chick-fil-A a couple weeks ago ....The words that inspired thousands of Christians to get out and do something weren't words about Christ at all, they were words meant to oppress a group of people long discriminated against by Christians. But the ones claiming persecution the loudest weren't the LGBT people Cathy had spoken against, but the Christians who were doing the oppression.

.... Until Christians endure the same threats, mocking and ostracization that their LGBT brothers and sisters face every day, they can't claim they're being persecuted. Especially since those threats, the mocking and the ostracizing that LGBT people face almost always comes from Christians themselves.

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