Friday, August 31, 2012

The election battle in Maryland

Just as they did in California, Maine, and North Carolina, the anti-equality folks are telling lies about the consequences of marriage equality. (Aside: apparently it's a Republican thing. Anyone else find it ironic that so-called Christians completely ignore the "false witness" commandment when it suits them?)
  The Baltimore Sun is disgusted.
The opponents are resorting to spurious arguments to convince voters that the law will somehow be unfair to those with objections to gay marriages because they don't want to face the real question of fairness at stake. Should the law treat people differently because of their sexual orientation? Or should everyone be treated equally? Maryland's gay marriage ordinance doesn't require anyone to violate their religious beliefs or personal conscience. As much as we hope the debate over this issue will persuade everyone in the state of the value of acceptance and tolerance, the law doesn't force anyone to change the way they think. All it does is to remove a major vestige of discrimination from state law, and that is something all Marylanders should be able to support.
In this hate-filled culture, I don't hold out much hope.

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