Thursday, November 29, 2012

Public Values: being gay vs having an affair

Should someone be disqualified from holding a job because they are gay? What if they had an extra-marital affair? YouGov asked the question and broke down the results for us based on political identity, and I graphed the data.

Each of the jobs is indicated below.  The numbers were calculated by taking the percent of respondents who think the person should keep their job, and subtracting the percentage who thinks they should quit.  If the number is positive, it means more people think the person should stay then go.  If the number is negative, more people think the person should quit.  The height of the bar indicates the magnitude of the difference;  thus if the number who say "stay" equals the number who say "quit", there will be no bar at all (because the difference = 0).

So, for example, a majority of respondents of all political beliefs thinks that a minister who has an affair should quit.  By contrast, a majority of conservatives think minister should quit if he's gay, while a majority of liberals and moderates think he should not.

Blue means liberal, Green means moderate, and Red means conservative.

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