Monday, December 31, 2012

Five LGBT religious advances in 2012

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Voices of Faith
The end of the year surveys have begun.  GLAAD followed up its report on the missing voices of pro-equality religious folks with a look at progress in 2012.

These include victories in four states, in which progressive religious voices played an important role, and notably many Roman Catholics helped make it happen.  Pro-gay Mormons also spoke out, and students at conservative Christian colleges did too.  And, the Episcopal Church continued its trajectory, not only passing a rite for same sex blessings, but also explicitly welcoming transgendered clergy.

GLAAD goes on to identify 10 important pro-LGBT faith voices from 2012.


JCF said...

[SPAMiya Russkaya: lucky you, IT! ;-p]

Happy New Year to all at GMC. Blessings for marriage equality in 2013!

JCF said...

Related: sadly, I have been unable to persuade my (92 y.o.) father to boycott the "Chik-Fil-A Bowl". He's not anti-gay, but he IS Football-Uber-Alles. :-X