Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quote of the day: what is a wedding for?

From the blogger Fontfolly:
...the real purpose of a wedding is to allow your extended community of friends and family in on it. I don’t just mean the celebration. I believe that what makes marriage sacred is not that two people have made a pledge before some deity, it is because a group of people have committed to support two people in their love. When I attend someone’s wedding, I’m entering into a covenant with them and the other attendees, affirming a particular loving relationship, but also affirming the power of love itself. It’s a commitment to the extended ties that bind all of us together in circles of mutual affection and respect.


JCF said...

Just as in a (BCP) baptism, the wedding liturgy has a "Will you who witness do all you can to support..." vow, too. TBTG!

IT said...

And it's an amazing experience for the couple, to be lifted that way. It was the most striking feeling both in our wedding, and its subsequent church blessing: that we were being claimed by community.