Monday, April 29, 2013

Gay athlete comes out: why it matters

In the Sports Illustrated article where NBA player Jason Collins comes out, there is this paragraph:

I feel blessed that I recognized my own attractions. Though I resisted my impulses through high school, I knew that when I was ready I had someone to turn to: my uncle Mark in New York. I knew we could talk without judgment, and we did last summer. Uncle Mark is gay. He and his partner have been in a stable relationship forever. For a confused young boy, I can think of no better role model of love and compassion.
There you go.  A stable, partnered relationship that patterns adulthood tells gay kids (and gay men)  that yes, they have a future.  That being gay isn't something that has to be hidden, or dirty, or anonymous, or promiscuous.  That's why our opponents are so against marriage equality.  It never has been about marriage--it's about their desire to make us ashamed of who we are, and making us hopeless. 

That's why it matters. The lies they are telling about gay people melt away when they are faced with Uncle Mark and his partner.


JCF said...

[OT] It's weird that it's just "your" two blogs which are doing this weird box-free thing. Meanwhile, JoeMyGod: for close to 6 months, I've had to look at that blog on Firefox, because it's commenting function (Disqus) didn't work in IE. Now, it's quit working in Firefox, but IS working in IE! :-0 Who can explain these things???

[But congrats to Jason Collins though]

IT said...

The "box free" thing is apparently a conflict between IE and the Blogger template I use for all my blogs. You would therefore only be likely to see it on blogspot blogs that use the same template. As it is an older template, and there are many templates available, chances are you will not run into th eproblem very often.