Monday, April 22, 2013

In France, protests and death threats

In striking contrast to the "eh" of marriage in New Zealand, we now turn to France. The pro-equality bill is close to passing its final vote. But the anti-equality forces in France have taken to the streets. There are scenes of violent clashes between protesters and the police. And now there are death threats sent to Parliament:
The head of the French parliament has received a letter containing gunpowder, ordering him to put off tomorrow’s vote on marriage equality.... 
The one-page letter warns: ‘You wanted war, and you’ve got it.’ 
According to French magazine L’Express, and as reported by The Local, the politician was told ‘our methods are more radical and more swift than protests.’
French Cardinal also warned of violence.   And of course there have been attacks on gays.

Remember, the leader of the anti-equality movement said [pro-equality French President]"Hollande wants blood and he will get it."

I find this shocking.

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