Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Think of the children!

The people opposed to marriage equality are constantly harping that "every child deserves a mother anda father" as though the act of giving us a marriage license empowers us to steal children. Obviously, every child deserves loving parents who have the protection of law. What the antis constantly ignore is that we are already raising children, and they are often our own. And we are raising them in unexpected places.

From the LA TImes:
Among couples of the same sex in the Salt Lake City area, more than 1 in 4 are rearing children...

For instance, "a big chunk of them are people who had children young, with opposite-sex partners, before they came out," [Gary] Gates[of the Williams Institute] said. After coming out, they raised those children with a partner of the same sex, he explained.

That may be one reason that in some more conservative places not known for celebrating gays and lesbians, a striking percentage of same-sex couples are rearing children, Gates said. Among states, Mississippi has the highest percentage of gay or lesbian couples raising children — 26% — his analysis of census data found.

…. Even if they weren't married before, gay and lesbian people often choose to have children in seemingly surprising places because they have strong ties to their families, researchers say.
But, never a group to let an opportunity for lies and snark to go by, NOM speaks out.
Reacting to the new study, the National Organization for Marriage said …. "The United States should not redefine marriage to accommodate the demands of this minuscule group of people," Frank Schubert, the group's political director, wrote in an email to The Times.

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