Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why it matters: TX judge forbids lesbian from living with her partner

From ThinkProgress:

Compton could lose custody of her children because she has the audacity to live with the woman she loves
According to Price, Judge John Roach, a Republican who presides over a state trial court in McKinney, Texas, placed a so-called “morality clause” in Compton’s divorce papers. This clause forbids Compton having a person that she is not related to “by blood or marriage” at her home past 9pm when her children are present. Since Texas will not allow Compton to marry her partner, this means that she effectively cannot live with her partner so long as she retains custody over her children. Invoking the “morality clause,” Judge Roach gave Price 30 days to move out of Compton’s home.
This is obscene.

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JCF said...

And to add insult to injury, now there's this case:

Homophobes and their freaking HYPOCRISY. "No one unmarried in your home/but you're not allowed to marry". "'Romeo&Juliet' laws for straight mixed-age couples/but 'sexual battery' for a just-turned-18 lesbian". ENOUGH!