Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Times are a-changing

From the New Civil Rights Movement, an op-ed by a Colorado senate candidate announcing his support for full equality.  This is the thing that jumped out at me:

On a personal note, my 92-year-old grandfather is a decorated WWII veteran and an openly gay man. He has been with the love of his life, Joel for more than two decades. He served his country honorably, fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today. Religions and some private institutions are free to exclude others as they see fit, but the government must be in the business of inclusion, not exclusion.
Firstly, Grandpa is one brave soldier.

Second, another example of what happens when we come out and live honestly.  With LGBT folk coming out at younger and younger ages, and refusing to ever enter the closet, the era of "not telling" is passing. In 50 years, I sincerely hope that being LGBT will be no more remarked upon that being left-handed.  The closets will all be empty.

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