Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sex in Virginia

Ken Cuccinelli is the attorney general of Virginia and Republican nominee for governor.  He is rabidly anti gay.

As one of his big issues, he's trying to criminalize sodomy and oral sex between consenting adults, under the guise of protecting children.  Now, the US Supreme Court said in Lawrence v. Texas that you can't criminalize sex acts between consenting adults, so this effort is clearly unconstitutional.  Thing is, all you have to do is say that such acts are illicit involving minors (who by law cannot give consent) and voila, you protect kids.

So it's clear that Cooch is aiming at LGBT people

Ken Cuccinelli's election of strategy of running on his long-standing opposition to homosexuality might have worked in 2009, when Cuccinelli won the attorney general race in Virginia. But the country's shift on gay politics didn't miss the state, putting Cuccinelli at risk of losing key Republican donors and the governor's race. 
The timing of his embrace of anti-gay rhetoric couldn't be much worse. Cuccinelli is running in a close race with Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Several polls, including one from Quinnipiac University last week, show McAuliffe with a slight lead. But in another metric, fundraising, McAuliffe is far ahead — thanks, in part, to reticence from pas Republican donors to give to Cuccinelli. Bloomberg reports that Cuccinelli's adamant social conservative positions are a key factor in that antipathy....
Cuccinelli has raised 40 percent less than McAuliffe to date.
Because businessmen want to be able to recruit the best candidate, and not be limited to straight white men with conservative social views.  And women and gays and their friends and families are not attracted to live and work in the State of Hate.

And a majority of Virginians now approve of marriage equality.

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