Friday, August 2, 2013

New Poll shows Americans understand religious liberty just fine, thank you

The Human Rights Campaign and the organization, Third Way, released a national poll that asks about attitudes towards gay couples with regard to religious freedom. And, not surprisingly, Americans "get" that religious freedom is an issue for the churches, mosques, and synagogues, and not an excuse to discriminate against people in the civil sphere.

From the Press Release: 
Thirty percent of the country now lives in a state where gay couples can marry, and Americans’ views are warming faster than ever. But the shrinking group of politicians who still oppose allowing gay couples to marry often argues that doing so would infringe on the religious liberty of marriage opponents. 
...The results of our national poll are clear:
  • Americans know that our laws and Constitution already robustly protect religious liberty, and they do not think marriage or non-discrimination laws threaten religious beliefs or practices.
  • Voters oppose new proposals which would allow government employees, businesses, or individuals who oppose marriage on religious grounds to deny services to gay people or couples.
  • When it comes to religious exemptions, voters are clear that they should be limited to places like churches and synagogues and people like pastors, priests, and rabbis.-  
So, once again to the Roman Catholic Bishops and the Baptist Blowhards:  you do not get to discriminate against us in the civil sphere.  In secular business, members of your faith do not get to deny LGBT people services that they freely offer anyone else., just because they are gay.

If you have a question about that, just substitute the word "Jew" for "gay" in sentences like "I shouldn't have to sell gays a cake, because they are against my faith."   Yeah,doesn't work, does it?

On the other hand, how about this, "My church refuses to marry a Jewish couple."  That's fine.  no problem.  You have every right to say that.  But Why wouldyou think a Jewish couple want to be married in your church in the first place?

Can you spot the difference? 


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Love the idea of substituting Jew. Kinda makes the point. Hope I can remember it. Thanks.