Friday, September 6, 2013

Do we need to know that Diana Nyad is gay?

Yes. And here's why:
When you insist being gay couldn’t possibly matter less, what you actually insist is that the subject never be brought up in the first place.

One day, it will not matter whether Diana Nyad, Tim Cook, Sally Ride, or any other noteworthy person is openly gay. But we’re not there yet. Until we are, it is our responsibility as LGBTQ people to remind the rest of the world that we’re still here, we’re comfortable in our own skins, we come in all shapes, sizes and specialties, and, once in a blue moon, some of us can even swim from Cuba to Florida. We should be proud to say so.

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JCF said...

Esp when, notably, Nyad has been out for AGES (If not when she first tried The Swim in '79, certainly not that long after). I heard Nyad mention being gay just recently, too.