Friday, September 13, 2013

NM Photography case to go to the Supreme Court

If I have a religious disapproval of someone, can I deny them service in my non-religious company?

If they are gay, is that okay?  If my religion is opposed to gays marrying?

What if they are  Jewish?  If my religion considers Jews untouchable?

How about divorced? If my religion is opposed to divorce?

What about remarried?  If my religion is opposed to remarriage?

What about if they are Catholic?  If my religion considers Catholics to be un-Christian?

What if the woman doesn't cover her head? If my religion is fundamentalist Islam?

What if she does?  If my religion is opposed to Islam?

The photographer in NM who refused to photograph a same-sex commitment service, in violation of state law that outlaws discrimination on sexual orientation, will be asking the Supreme Court to say, "yes".

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