Wednesday, December 18, 2013

60 years: a love story (Why it Matters)

From Oregon Public Broadcasting:
This is the story of an Oregon couple. They married in Washington after more than 60 years together but were racing against the clock.
But one couple that made the rainy trek is trying to meet a different kind of deadline. 
Eric Marcoux and Eugene Woodworth have been together since they the day they met in Chicago in 1953. 
“I am here today to be legally married to Eugene Woodworth, with whom I have had an intimate deeply committed relationship for a little over sixty years,” Marcoux says.
Marcoux is 83 years old and Woodworth is 85. 
They can’t marry in Oregon, where a constitutional amendment outlaws same-sex marriage. When same-sex marriage was legalized in Washington last year, they didn’t rush across the state line to get married. 
“No, no, no….” says Woodworth.

“We wanted to have it in Oregon,” Marcoux explains. 
But Woodworth has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and he’s been given weeks to live. They’re getting married today with the hope that Marcoux might be eligible to receive social security benefits as the surviving spouse.
The couple say today’s ceremony is merely a formality. But Woodworth chokes up as his partner slips the ring on his finger. 
“And now by the power vested in me by the state of Washington, I declare you to be legally married. And you may kiss,” the judge finishes the ceremony. 
“We met sixty years ago and this is the first legal thing. It’s such a pity we had to wait that long, ” Woodworth tells the judge. 
After the ceremony ends, the two make their way out to their car for the 20-minute drive home to Oregon.

“We made it. Wonderful we made it,” Marcoux says closing the door.

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