Thursday, December 5, 2013

A gay brain drain from unfriendly states?

I've argued this before, but don't be surprised if gays are leaving unfriendly states--at some cost.
[Search Consultant] McCormack says his gay and lesbian clients who are hot prospects now have clear choices when it comes to legal protections. 
"I would say one of the first questions we get from any LGBT candidate is about corporate benefits, and whether they are available to same-sex partners. If that answer is no, that is a big red flag for them."...
Certainly many gay and lesbian professionals, managers, professors and members of the creative class may simply vote with their feet and leave. In this mobile society, it's too easy for a talented worker who is in demand to move to the other America....
Corporate headhunter McCormack expects LGBT employees to be pro-active and move, and the same goes for many of his straight clients. 
"It's not just because LGBT people may choose to work there," McCormack says about gay-friendly states and companies, "It's a whole generation who have grown-up accepting LGBT co-workers as equals who do not want to work for companies that aren't progressive."

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JCF said...

My prediction: wealthier, white, male couples will leave. Poorer, lesbians-of-color will be left behind. :-(