Friday, February 21, 2014

Who is behind the "right to discriminate" bills?

We've seen a number of state legislatures take up bills that have a breath-taking expansion of "religious rights" to allow someone to claim that their religious beliefs allow them to discriminate against same sex couples.  Call it the "baker/photographer" law, since they think that people with a business license should be free to discriminate on the grounds of their religion.

  • These laws are written so broadly that they would allow a hotel clerk to refuse to rent a room to a couple of men, on the grounds that the men being a couple offends the clerk's religion.  
  • Or allow an employer to pay women less than men due to his biblical beliefs.  
  • Or a Muslim taxi driver to refuse to pick up a woman.
But despite their broad effects, the intent is simple:  to attack the gays and make it legal to discriminate against gay couples.

Aside from Arizona, most of these attempts have died during the legislative process.

But their appearance and similarity strongly suggests that they have a common creator.  And of course, this false claim of "religious freedom" is the fallback position of equality opponents (I'm looking at you, Catholic Bishops).

So who is behind this?

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Paul (A.) said...

This garbage is written by a branch of the so-called "Ethics and Public Policy Center" in Washington, D.C., according to the data reported here (h/t Slacktivist)